Paulina Abufhele Meza – Dancer, choreographer, lecturer and producer.

Paulina Abufhele Meza – Dancer

Paulina Abufhele Meza

After completing her degree in dance at the Universidad de las Americas and the Universidad Academia Humanismo Cristiano in Chile, she moved to Europe and she has lived since fall of 2013 in the Ruhr region in order to pursue further studies and to shape intercultural artistic projects.

Paulina grew up in an artistic family and works as an artist in dance groups, productions and cultural projects of various topics.

Some of her pieces she composed in North Rhine-Westphalia were presented 2015 at the Extraschicht, which takes place at the Zeche Ewald, at the Forum für Kunst und Architektur and at the SteelerART 2014.

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