Dinesh Mishra – Flute

Dinesh Mishra, from Mumbai (India), is playing the Bansuri-Flute. He has built himself solid reputation as a solist and improvisational artist, as a teacher as well as a composer. After his studies as a master [...]

Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert

Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert: with RECHUNGPA & ROBERTO HERRUZO, Multi-Instrumentalists with gong, percussion, voice, flute, strings, bicycle harp.... The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with Gong, singing and percussion with waves of [...]

Kilema – Multi-Instrumentalist

Kilema is a charismatic performer, multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter. Born in Madagascar and immigrated through adoption to Andalusia, he is one of the most popular representatives of his native country. By working with Peter Gabriel [...]

Nils Kercher – Kora

Nils Kercher is one of the very few musicians, that have mastered their play on the African Harp / Kora. Nils Kercher                       [...]

Ignacio Bejar

Ignacio Bejar is a virtuous musician, music therapist and composer. He is researching the healing-value of music in different cultures. His motivation lies in seeking a language of music, which is universal. Website

Sónnica Yepes- Vocals, Composition

Sónnica Yepes The spanish singer Sónnica Yepes, daughter of a family of actors grew up in Madrid and got to know theater life really early Music accompanied her life at home and became [...]