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For event and seminar organizers, art lovers, collectors and artists themselves.
The ArtPro Artist Agency is a member of intercultural network and confederation Prokulturgut.Net – registered association, shares his vision and support its objectives: The mission of the network is to support a holistic view of life with spirit full of creativity and awareness. It promotes the development of all those who strive for a life of love and responsibility for themselves and the “rest of the universe”.
In this sense, the goal of profit recognized r.a. is the promotion of children’s, youth and adult education in the international art and cultural exchanges, in health, in the nature and environmental protection.

An international and holistic understanding and tolerance in all fields of culture and international understanding is mediated thereby.

The ArtPro Künstleragentur organized in cooperation with the Academy of Cultures NRW events, concerts and seminars – in NRW, in Germany and Europe. We invite everyone to make use of our event listing. The ArtPro Artist Agency presents artists from their pool not only from home, but also at its headquarters, in BOLA – House of Cultures in the “Capital of Culture 2010”.

The BOLA – House of World Cultures and the work of ArtPro Künstleragentur is dedicated to all peaceful, creative, intercultural and holistic people interested and initiatives. Audio and video / TV-Recordings of events are professionally realized – mostly  in cooperation with the MediArt- Institute of Audiovisual Arts r.a.

If necessary, we also help you to master your event organisationally and technically.
Artists are welcome to participate in our Pool with their skills!

Rechungpa Reinhard Kreckel & Team
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in BOLA. Haus der Kulturen Ruhr
Herbergsweg 1, D-44879 Bochum
phone: 0234 9506 8304