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Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert

Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert: with RECHUNGPA & ROBERTO HERRUZO, Multi-Instrumentalists with gong, percussion, voice, flute, strings, bicycle harp.... The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with Gong, singing and percussion with waves of different intensity and confluence, similar to the rhythm of the tides in combination with grounding energy. Mantras full of strength [...]

Arriving in the Now – Rechungpa & Friends

The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with the sound of gongs, voice and percussion in waves of different intensity and density, similar to the rhythms of the tides. By this we can reach in regular intervals small islands in which we encounter wisdom and philosophical stimulation of different cultures. In this landscape of [...]


Raga Jazz Union is a combination of jazz and elements of classical Indian music - easy listening for world music fans. Jazz delivers the improvisational strength while the Indian elements bring harmony and feeling into play. Both music directions complement each other perfectly, bringing about a totally new sound experience. Dinesh’s Raga Jazz Union concerts [...]

Bahar Narenj (Iran, DE)

The music group Bahar Narenj plays classical and traditional music of the different regions and people of Iran. Helen Parchami since the age of eight plays the violin and has worked with several Iranian orchestras and small ensembles. She has been teaching for twelve years. She played with the Heinrich Schnitzler Orchestra and currently, among [...]

Farfarello (Mani Neumann & Band)

Farfarello: Mani Neumann, known as the "Devil's Violinist", plays violin and flute. For 25 years, he plays in the known jazz band Farfarello at home and abroad. In their compositions they combine Farfarello folklore, classical music and pop. Their concerts are an extraordinary sound experience. Farfarello At the moment Mani Neumann and Uli [...]


The quartet "Kaleidoskop" proposes a wide musical spectrum. Starting from the modern jazz bassist Alex Morsey , percussionist Fethi Ak, guitarist Christian Hammer and saxophonist Dimitrij Markitantov - they look towards Eastern and Southeastern Europe through the Middle East. Alex Morsey and Christian Hammer have been playing together  for some years now in various band [...]

Silent Harmonies

"Silent Harmonies" lead us in constantly new style to the boundless openness at the end of the year: relax, dream, let go and let new in - unique sound spheres to a fascinating Astro show. Let be inspired and allow your inner imagination to run free. The music is created from the now - diverse, [...]

The Positive Creative World Ensemble

FUSION WORLD MUSIC – Happy – Animating – Mindful – Relaxing … and always fresh ideas From CHILLY JOURNEYS to MANTRA POP … ... The Positive Creative World Ensemble - Intuitive Music for Happiness, Friendship and Development WORLD MUSIC EVOLUTION - Ruhrstadt-Festival at Herr Walter,Dortmund on 30.08.2015 The Positive Creative World meets Abbos Kosimov, [...]


The group Tinto consists of musicians from different continents - gathered in the Ruhr area. They play flamenco-jazz-fusion with a touch of Latin American elements. The repertoire consists of original compositions and well-known works in the traditions of jazz and flamenco. Afshin Ghavami - Flamenco Gitarre Edmund Held - Horn & Trompete Vahid Vahidi - [...]

Trio Cantango Nuevo

The Trio Cantango Nuevo from Berlin performs works from Astor Piazzolla, Jho Kaufmann and their own arrangements of Japanese composers. Tango Nuevo is a style that was founded by Astor Piazzolla and developed by him and other composers in the 60s. The origin lies in the roots of tango, as it was danced and lived [...]