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Antony Franz – dance

Antony Francis- dance Antony Franz was born in 1992. Since the age of eight he has been dancing Hip Hop. Moreover he trained since the age of 17 independently in Hip Hop formations and regularly takes part in competitions with a success. Dance is his passion and for this reason (since 2013) he [...]

Camila Scholtbach – dance

Camila Scholtbach The German-Chilean dancer studied for three years at a ballet school in Santiago before she graduated in "Dance and Performance" and in the “Science of Physical activity" at the Universidad de Chile. This was followed by other activities as a lecturer of the Floor technique, fitness and dance in Chile and [...]

Cheryl Friedrich – Dance

Cheryl Friedrich (1995) graduated from an advanced dance education at the Gymnasium Essen-Werden, before she was accepted to the Folkwang University of Arts to study dance. She focused on modern and classical dance, as well as subjects such as improvisation, folk dance and flamenco were not forgotten. In addition, since the beginning of the year [...]

Isabelle Gilton – Yoga Dance

Isabelle Gilton Yoga Dance is a fusion of yoga and dance, which takes elements from both sides to create an innovative new way of self-expression. With a history as a professional dancer for over 10 years in France, Isabelle has enriched her talents as a dancer with other techniques. From the year 1993 until [...]


Multimedia Show ManMachine is a live performance that combines animation, dance, music and film. It deals with the interaction between humans and machines and analogies in their basic cognitive processes. Jan Möllmer Simon Baucks Tristan Berger Simon Baucks comes from Berlin and besides his studies he works as photographer, film-maker and musician. Download picture (2,2 [...]

Paulina Abufhele Meza – Dancer

Paulina Abufhele Meza – Dancer, choreographer, lecturer and producer. Paulina Abufhele Meza After completing her degree in dance at the Universidad de las Americas and the Universidad Academia Humanismo Cristiano in Chile, she moved to Europe and she has lived since fall of 2013 in the Ruhr region in order to pursue further [...]

Sal Mallen – visual arts

The Catalan Sal Mallen is a versatile visual artist. He has won several design awards and scholarships, he teaches at schools and universities  for over ten years. Previously, he studied at the University of Castello Industrial Design and Visual Arts at the University of Valencia. Sals works can be seen throughout Europe in public collections, [...]