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Sónnica Yepes- Vocals, Composition

Sónnica Yepes The spanish singer Sónnica Yepes, daughter of a family of actors grew up in Madrid and got to know theater life really early Music accompanied her life at home and became for her during her early years, a personal way of self expression. In 1995 she moved to Germany and studied [...]

Dakini Drukmo Gyal- Vocals

Dakini Drukmo Gyal - Gesang Dakini Drukmo Gyal sings Mantras as well as traditional and modern songs and presents them in a musical performance in 6 different styles of Tibetan music. Dakini lived in a Ngakpa-family which dates back to six generation. She and her family belong to the “Old School” of the [...]

Wilfried Schewik

Wilfried Schewik Wilfried Schewik comes from Goslar, he studied the piano at the Musikhochschule Detmold, learnt the jazz piano at the Folkwang University Essen and School music at the University of Dortmund. He obtained his higher education under the american jazz pianist Richard Beirach. Currently, he operates and works closely with the Ruhrstadt [...]

Nicolás Alexander Kretz – Guitar, Live electronics

Nicolás Alexander Kretz was born in 1980 near Karlsruhe. For many years he played the guitar and electronics in different bands. In 2011 Nicolás Alexander Kretz began his studies in Electronic Composition at the Folkwang Universität der Künste. There he is particularly engaged in physical theater. Nicolás Alexander Kretz Nicolás Alexander Ketz explains [...]

Martin Pauls – Drums, Cajon

Martin Pauls – Schlagzeug Martin Pauls knew early on the impressive nature of a good groove and followingly decided on drums. Afterwards, following the Youth Distinction( Landesmeister Jugend Musiziert NRW, Köhler Osbahr-Förderpreis) he kick-started his fascination with unknown sounds and rhythms in the music culture and his actual hobby, the Cajon. Today he [...]


KittC Delaney is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and performer of modern folk and traditional irish music. KittC Delaney was born in Dublin, Ireland. During his more than 30-year-career in music, he has travelled around the world. KittC has performed his music for Irish plays such as “The Hostage” by Brendan Behan in Berlin and at [...]

Ustad Hanif Khan – Tabla & Percussion

USTAD HANIF KHAN Ustad Hanif Khan With this encounter you get the opportunity to obtain the feeling and the knowledge of Music from 8 generations from the hand of one of the best musicians in India. HANIF was born in 1960 to a famous and traditional music family in Rajastan. Consequently, he studied [...]


The Quartet “Kaleidoskop” builds a wide musical range. Starting out from modern jazz, contrabassist Alex Morsey, percussionist Fethi Ak, guitarist Christian Hammer and saxophonist Dimitrij Markintantov move with their music along the direction of East and South-East of Europe extending to the Middle East. Kaleidoskop Ⓒ Christoph Giese Alex Morsey and Christian Hammer [...]

Joachim Pfahl & Friends

Joachim Pfahl & Friends Joachim and Friends create a mood with their music that touches directly. Through their classical Ghandarva-Veda vocal training inspired voices, Joachim Pfahls and the angelic voice of Berit Kruger preserve the magic of the Sanskrit-Verse, chants and songs. Through one or their classical Ghandarva-Veda vocal training inspired voices, Joachim and the [...]

Arriving in the Now – Rechungpa & Friends

The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with the sound of gongs, voice and percussion in waves of different intensity and density, similar to the rhythms of the tides. By this we can reach in regular intervals small islands in which we encounter wisdom and philosophical stimulation of different cultures. In this landscape of [...]

Gunnar Nesterov – Percussion

Gunnar Nesterov Gunnar Nesterov, born as Hess is known as a percussionist and has been playing since 1990 in different bands such as Ruhrcraft, Jamiro-like, Fritz Brause Band etc. He has also played at the Duisburg Philharmonics as a guest musician. His first musical career with drums was in 1989. In 1998, he [...]

Afra Mussawisade – Percussion

"Afra Mussawisade - Percussion The Cologne based Persian-born percussionist began to learn classical Persian drumming and later on studied Latin-American and South Indian rhythms. Today, he has mastered many different style approaches and combine these in his music. Afra often performs with formations such as Zuco 103, WDR Big Band, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Don Abi [...]


Raga Jazz Union is a combination of jazz and elements of classical Indian music - easy listening for world music fans. Jazz delivers the improvisational strength while the Indian elements bring harmony and feeling into play. Both music directions complement each other perfectly, bringing about a totally new sound experience. Dinesh’s Raga Jazz Union concerts [...]

Ivan Snegur – guitar

Ivan Snegur from Kazakhstan has been living in Germany since 2003, studied guitar at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and has been working with various groups in NRW ever since.

Afshin Ghavami – flamenco guitar

Afshin Ghavami is of Iranian origin and he is estimated as a virtuosic and sensitive flamenco guitarist. Afshin began his flamenco guitar training by Armin baker. Then he accompanied various Flamenco dancers. Afshin Ghavami Afshin Ghavami After studying classical guitar and jazz, he founded Afshin Ghavami Group, which played mainly his Latin jazz [...]

Abbos Kosimov – Percussion

Abbos Kosimov is known worldwide as a phenomena among international percussionists. His dynamic performances have made him wellknown around the world as a master of Doyra and ambassador of Uzbek culture. „Doyra is my life and I cannot live without it.” Abbos about Doyra: "The Uzbek culture and identity have deep roots in [...]

Andreas Heuser – guitars, violin

Andreas Heuser is an autodidact. After his years as a beginner followed a classical and jazz guitar studies and many years of practical work with non-european (especially oriental) music. These stations are the most important of his musical career that have shaped both - his compositions and his playing technique. He is a unique composer, [...]

Bobo – Vocals

Bobo, known by the world success "Angel" by Rammstein, grew up in Saxony-Anhalt in one church family of musicians with hymns and songs of romance, before she discovered singer-songwriters, rock bands and her own passion for singing. Later she studied singing in Weimar and then she moved to Berlin, where she founded her band Bobo [...]

Antje Vetter – violin

Through her continued commitment in various ensembles and her degrees in music pedagogy (Folkwang) and jazz violin (Arnhem) Antje Vetter has earned since than an outstanding experience. Her unmistakable style is defined by the combination of classic and modern, both in her arrangements as well as in her free improvisations. Antje Vetter © C. [...]

Benjamin Stein – Persian instruments

Benjamin Stein has learned several instruments self-educated in his childhood, he played in bands CMEP and Fara Toga Man, but he has increasingly turned to Eastern European and Middle Eastern musical traditions and began to learn Santur, Tar, Oud, Robab, Dotar, Tambur and accordion. Benjamin Stein In recent years he enriched the interaction [...]

Dirko Juchem –flute

Dirko Juchem has initially learned the jazz flute from Emil Mangesldorff  and later he studied with Herb Geller at the Hamburg Music Academy. Concerts and CD productions were under among othes with Rolf Harris, Thomas Anders, Barbara Dennerlein, Harald Juhnke and at international level with Allan Taylor, Sara K. and world star Paul Anka. Besides [...]

Daniel Düring (guitar)

Daniel Düring has been active for many years in the music scene of the Ruhr. Stylistically he moves between rock, jazz and Global Pop. In his appearances to the instrumental project "Guitar Comics" the sound spectrum of acoustic and electric guitar is enhanced by live recorded loops and guitar synthesizer sounds. The accompanying album has [...]

Eric Peachey – percussion

Eric Peachey Eric Peachey is drummer and percussionist. His musical journey goes from R & B, blues, progressive rock, jazz, Impovisation, Latin, tabla and flamenco, where he absorbed the essence of musical styles.Since the 70s he has been working with well-known rock musicians such as Steve Hillage.

Jatinder Thakur – tabla

Jatinder Thakur - Master living in Vienna - is one of the best Indian tabla players in Europe. He has a name not only in the traditional role as companion of high level Indian soloists, but also in the Jazz / World Music section he has worked on many significant projects. Jatinder Thakur [...]

Edmund Held – trumpet

Edmund Held was born in Russia, where he grew up in a musical family. Since 1992 he lives in Germany. He studied classical trumpet at the Folkwang University in Essen and played in numerous orchestras in Germany. But the jazz music caught his attention and soon became a new passion. Edmund Held Through [...]

Fethi Ak – Virtuosic Percussion

Fethi Ak, who was born in Germany, started to play at Turkish weddings on darbuka when he was a child. Meanwhile, he is one of the most virtuosic darbuka players in Germany and he is a very required musician in the Turkish, Kurdish and world music scene for studio recording and live performance. Fethi [...]

Javier Paxariño – saxophone, flute, among others

Javier Paxariño Javier Paxariño plays soprano saxophone, bass flute, bass clarinet, Turkish clarinet, shakuhachi and Ti-Tze. His music mixes folk sounds and rhythms from Spain, India, Turkey and China in his personal and creative way. Javier Paxariño was born in Grenada, but early he went to Malaga, where he completed his first musical [...]

Jorge Pardo – flute

In 2012 Jorge Pardo was awarded for his lifetime achievements by the Academia du Jazz - with the Prix du musicien europeen. More information here! Download picture (3 MB)

Jens Pollheide – flute, bass

By almost everything what has to do with world music and mixing of various forms of improvisation, is Jens Pollheide a welcome musician in the Ruhr region - as a flutist or bassist. Jens Pollheide - Bass und Flöten He toured for years with the world music legend EMBRYO through the country, and [...]

Jho Kaufmann – piano, accordion

Jho Kaufmann Jho Kaufmann is a pianist and accordionist. After classical education in Darmstadt (main subject - bassoon, piano and counterpoint/composition), he worked as a bassoonist with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra. Since 1970, Kaufmann worked with Ingo Werner at electronic music projects. Then he worked as ballet accompanist at the Frankfurt Opera and [...]