Kristian Terzic

Zur Person:

Kristian Terzic is an award winning free lance keyboard player, session studio musician & composer from Croatia. Multiple winner of the Status award as „Best Keyboard Player“. His musical experiences varies from performing live trough Europe & USA as a sideman or as a leader of his own jazz-fusion band. Keyboard player for various TV shows. Kristian is a CASIO music gear artist and endorser for the Privia-Pro PX5S stage piano & XW-P1 synthesizer.

Mögliche Inhalte:

  • Keyboards in live performances (Pop-Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Funk…)
  • Programing & using sounds in different music styles
  • How to organize & setup your live keyboard rig
  • Using midi & controllers (pedals,sliders,switches) in live situations
  • What keyboards to buy according to your musical needs
  • Presenting the Casio PX5S stage piano & XW-P1 synthesizer
  • Questions & answers regarding all the topics

Info & Terminvergabe für Unterricht oder Workshops ist ab sofort möglich bei Rechungpa – Akademie der Kulturen NRW: 0234 95067319

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