The music group Bahar Narenj plays classical and traditional music of the different regions and people of Iran.

Helen Parchami since the age of eight plays the violin and has worked with several Iranian orchestras and small ensembles. She has been teaching for twelve years. She played with the Heinrich Schnitzler Orchestra and currently, among others, with the world music group Genzen.los and the Greek formation Paradoxon.

Huriye Parchami has also begun to play the violin since she was eight years old, she worked with orchestras in Iran and she played in the Youth Symphony Orchestra in Bochum. Now she also plays for several years in the group Grenzen.los.

Benjamin Stein has learned several instruments self-educated in his childhood, he played in bands CMeP and Fara Toga Man, but he has increasingly turned to Eastern European and Middle Eastern musical traditions and began to learn Santur, Tar, Oud, Robab, Dotar, Tambur and accordion.

In recent years he enriched the interaction with among others Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani and Indian musician his musical cosmos. Currently Benjamin Stein plays among others with the Ostangeliter Orient Express, the Rouzbe Asgarian band, Paradoxon and with Olaf Plotz.