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Dinesh Mishra – Flute

Dinesh Mishra, from Mumbai (India), is playing the Bansuri-Flute. He has built himself solid reputation as a solist and improvisational artist, as a teacher as well as a composer. After his studies as a master [...]

Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert

Breathing Fire Swinging Earth Concert: with RECHUNGPA & ROBERTO HERRUZO, Multi-Instrumentalists with gong, percussion, voice, flute, strings, bicycle harp.... The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with Gong, singing and percussion with waves of [...]

Kilema – Multi-Instrumentalist

Kilema is a charismatic performer, multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter. Born in Madagascar and immigrated through adoption to Andalusia, he is one of the most popular representatives of his native country. By working with Peter Gabriel [...]

Nils Kercher – Kora

Nils Kercher is one of the very few musicians, that have mastered their play on the African Harp / Kora. Nils Kercher                       [...]

Ignacio Bejar

Ignacio Bejar is a virtuous musician, music therapist and composer. He is researching the healing-value of music in different cultures. His motivation lies in seeking a language of music, which is universal. Website

Sónnica Yepes- Vocals, Composition

Sónnica Yepes The spanish singer Sónnica Yepes, daughter of a family of actors grew up in Madrid and got to know theater life really early Music accompanied her life at home and became [...]

Dakini Drukmo Gyal- Vocals

Dakini Drukmo Gyal - Gesang Dakini Drukmo Gyal sings Mantras as well as traditional and modern songs and presents them in a musical performance in 6 different styles of Tibetan music. Dakini lived [...]

Wilfried Schewik

Wilfried Schewik Wilfried Schewik comes from Goslar, he studied the piano at the Musikhochschule Detmold, learnt the jazz piano at the Folkwang University Essen and School music at the University of Dortmund. He [...]

Nicolás Alexander Kretz – Guitar, Live electronics

Nicolás Alexander Kretz was born in 1980 near Karlsruhe. For many years he played the guitar and electronics in different bands. In 2011 Nicolás Alexander Kretz began his studies in Electronic Composition at the Folkwang [...]

Martin Pauls – Drums, Cajon

Martin Pauls – Schlagzeug Martin Pauls knew early on the impressive nature of a good groove and followingly decided on drums. Afterwards, following the Youth Distinction( Landesmeister Jugend Musiziert NRW, Köhler Osbahr-Förderpreis) he [...]


KittC Delaney is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and performer of modern folk and traditional irish music. KittC Delaney was born in Dublin, Ireland. During his more than 30-year-career in music, he has travelled around the [...]

Ustad Hanif Khan – Tabla & Percussion

USTAD HANIF KHAN Ustad Hanif Khan With this encounter you get the opportunity to obtain the feeling and the knowledge of Music from 8 generations from the hand of one of the best [...]

Joachim Pfahl & Friends

Joachim Pfahl & Friends Joachim and Friends create a mood with their music that touches directly. Through their classical Ghandarva-Veda vocal training inspired voices, Joachim Pfahls and the angelic voice of Berit Kruger preserve the [...]

Arriving in the Now – Rechungpa & Friends

The German sound artist Rechungpa fills the space with the sound of gongs, voice and percussion in waves of different intensity and density, similar to the rhythms of the tides. By this we can reach [...]

Gunnar Nesterov – Percussion

Gunnar Nesterov Gunnar Nesterov, born as Hess is known as a percussionist and has been playing since 1990 in different bands such as Ruhrcraft, Jamiro-like, Fritz Brause Band etc. He has also played [...]

Afra Mussawisade – Percussion

"Afra Mussawisade - Percussion The Cologne based Persian-born percussionist began to learn classical Persian drumming and later on studied Latin-American and South Indian rhythms. Today, he has mastered many different style approaches and combine these [...]


Raga Jazz Union is a combination of jazz and elements of classical Indian music - easy listening for world music fans. Jazz delivers the improvisational strength while the Indian elements bring harmony and feeling into [...]

Ivan Snegur – guitar

Ivan Snegur from Kazakhstan has been living in Germany since 2003, studied guitar at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and has been working with various groups in NRW ever since.