Raga Jazz Union is a combination of jazz and elements of classical Indian music – easy listening for world music fans.

Raga Jazz UnionJazz delivers the improvisational strength while the Indian elements bring harmony and feeling into play. Both music directions complement each other perfectly, bringing about a totally new sound experience. Dinesh’s Raga Jazz Union concerts are set up in collaboration with high ranking Jazz artists.

Ensemble Member:

Dinesh Mishra: Bansuri Flutes
Jim Galakti: Trumpet, Keys, Effekts
Jens Pollheide: Bass

and Special Guests:
Jasper vant Hof: Keys
Jatinder Thakur: Tabla
Hanif Khan: Tabla
Manoj Gautam: Tabla
Afra: Percussion
Nippy Noya: Percussion
Laura Totzke: Vocal
Brigitte Geuss: Gesang, Tampura, Percussion
Praful: Saxophone, Indian Bansuri Flute
Rechungpa: Gong, Perc, Overtone

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