The Arab world-class bass player, student of Jaco Pastorius and son of the famous trumpet player Oscar Steba, begins to play on the bass at the age of 12 years and he is interested in jazz music and improvisation at an early stage.

His dream to come to Europe was fulfilled when he got in to the group the D.I. Formation in Rotterdam. In this band he plays with well-known Dutch artists such as Lee Touwers, Corrie Konings, Oscar Harris, and Lou Prins.

Reno Steba

Reno Steba

Reno also plays in various Caribbean music groups (among others, of Willy Latino Showband, Caribbean Fantsy, Unisono, and Siembra) and he is required in various Latin-jazz fusion bands, for example – in the famous multicultural formation Sticks & Strings or Tribal Fusion, Bacan and Patrick Sedoc Quartet.

Reno performs at live concerts across Europe and he was already together with famous Dutch and American artists on a stage. To name just a few:

Cindy Blackman, Ray Appelton, Alex Acuna and Armando Peraza. He is currently on the tour with the Brazilian singer and guitarist Badi Assad with the band Izaline Calister.