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… The Positive Creative World Ensemble – Intuitive Music for Happiness, Friendship and Development

The Positive Creative World


WORLD MUSIC EVOLUTION – Ruhrstadt-Festival at Herr Walter,Dortmund on 30.08.2015
The Positive Creative World meets Abbos Kosimov, Yonga Sun, Nippy Noya

Plays with 5-7 musicians and integrates „special guests“ of the region / the host country

Space and time to experience new sound worlds

Delicate and powerful, invigorating and grooving rhythms · uplifting, touching and enthralling sounds · mantras and sensual lyrics … a genre-transcending fusion of the music of cultures. – For artists and audiences this means: Resonate, refuel your energy, relax, develop ideas and take new impulses into personal everyday life.

Intuitive music and instant composings combined with composed elements and associative themes are the speciality of this extraordinary group. The musicians continually explore new, fresh ways of expressing their archaic and modern, acoustic and electronic instruments and find perfection in harmonious interaction. The type and concept of the intercultural fusion ensemble is unique not only in NRW.

The artists develop the universal language of music together in alternating compositions and with new musical encounters – each performance becomes a unique experience. Bringing positive energy with music into the world and using it for communication, peace keeping and personal growth is the idea – with joy in playing, common creativity, in touch with the audience.


Since 2007 THE POSITIVE CREATIVE WORLD ENSEMBLE has been inspiring its audiences regionally and nationally (e. g. Planetarium Bochum, Ruhrstadt-Festival 2012/13/15, cultural centres in the Ruhr area, Indian Embassy Berlin) as well as in other European countries, e. g. in Holland, Spain (e. g. in the caves Cueva de Nerja 2013/14/16 and stages in the province of Malaga).


In the international network of world music, the TPCW Ensemble focuses on creativity and intercultural exchange across national borders. As part of the world music scene in NRW, „The Positive Creative World“ is jointly responsible for spreading the regional characteristics of world music. As cultural ambassadors, the artists contribute to the process of world music evolution.


The great success of the historically first Indian-German educational and cultural project „SRISHTI“ (creation) in 2016, not least through the participation of eight musicians of the TPCW ensemble, led to an invitation to India. As cultural ambassador of the NRW world music scene and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW, TPCW will play three concerts in India in 2017 – in encounter and together with well-known masters of Indian music.


The Positive Creative World Ensemble plays the India Tour 2017 with

  • Gunnar Nesterov, Latin Percussion and Drums
  • Jens Pollheide, a world and jazz musician with a German-wide popularity, with a grooving bass as well as classical and ethnic flutes (Embryo / Transorient and others)
  • Ivan Snegur, guitarist and saxophonist from Kazakhstan
  • Jim Galakti, Russian composer, pianist and trumpeter (Tape 5)
  • Rechungpa, with Gong, Voice, Soundscapes and Percussions (Ensemble Leader)  
  • Hanni Braun (Guest), Saxophone
  • The very Special Guest from Mumbai and Rajasthan
  • Ustad Hanif Khan, master of tabla playing in Indian film music and classical music and companion of the legendary Sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan
  • and other musicians from Northern India (TBA)

Guest performances and musicians

New requests for guest performances, concerts at interesting venues and festivals as well as in special locations (e. g. planetariums, caves, natural stages, art spaces) and suggestions for the integration of regional guest musicians into the show are welcome.


For each concert / tour, Rechungpa provides a representative line-up of musicians from all over the world. 5-7 musicians from the ensembles pool  and gladly integrates regionally known „special guests“ of the respective host country. The local ambience and the expected audience are also taken into account. Thus there are always fresh impulses for new musical creations.


Other members and special guests of The Positive Creative World Ensemble:


  • Abbos Kosimov, the phenomenal Uzbek Doyra master from USA
  • Afra Mussawisade, the world music and jazz percussionist from Iran
  • Afshin Ghavami, Persian-born Bochum and flamenco guitar player
  • Andreas Heuser, with various guitars, violins and electronics he lets spherical clouds of sound, oriental melodies and pulsating rhythms float through the room
  • Daniel Düring, e-/guitarist with various world music bands
  • Dimitri Markitantov, Russia/NRW, Saxophone
  • Dinesh Mishra, internationally popular Indian master flutist at the Bansuris
  • Dirko Juchem, the saxophone and beatbox flute specialist
  • Edmund Held, Ukraine/NRW (trumpet & flugelhorn)
  • Eric Peachey, the former rock drummer and today’s world music percussionist from London and Malaga
  • Jamie Olano, keyboard player with Philippine roots
  • Jho Kaufmann, piano and accordion
  • Jorge Pardo, the multi-award-winning Spanish saxophonist and flutist of Flamenco Jazz
  • Kilema, a fascinating multi-instrumentalist from Madagascar and Andalusia
  • Kristian Terzic, the composer and pianist from Rovinj / Istria in Croatia who has won several awards as best instrumentalist of the year
  • Martin Pauls, excellent drummer in world music bands and TPCW
  • Masankho Banda, from Malawi, Central Africa with InterPlay, African Dance, Healing & Storytelling
  • Nicola Hein, guitar
  • Nicolas Schwabe, flute
  • Nippy Noya, the legendary Conga percussionist from Indonesia/NL
  • Paolo Dinuzzi, Italy/NRW on bass
  • Paulina Abufhele Meza, Chilean artist with dance & performance
  • Patrick Swiatek, violin
  • Praful, Sax n Flutes
  • Sandip Bhattarchaya, the sensitive tabla master and percussionist from India
  • Sonnica Yepes, the Spanish singer and composer
  • Stephanie Lepp, silver and bamboo flutes
  • Stevko Busch, multi-award-winning jazz and improvisation musician on piano and composer from D/NL
  • Susanne Schulz, viola and violin
  • Sya Rabstein, vocals
  • Vic Anselmo, the Latvian singer with her fantastic voice inspires the creational process of the other world musicians again and again
  • Wilfried Shevik, Keys
  • Yonga Sun, drummer and percussionist with Korean roots

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